Hawker Hurricane

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Mar 26, 2007
Hawker Hurricane_01_Rumanian.jpg
Hawker Hurricane_02_Jagdfliegerschule 2 Zerbst Lehrgang J 2-7 1942.JPG
Hawker Hurricane_03_Jagdfliegerschule 2 Zerbst Lehrgang J 2-7 1942.JPG
Hawker Hurricane Mark I - DF+SC Jagdfliegerschule 2 Zerbst Lehrgang J 2-7 1942
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I have read that the Russians take off Browning and replace Ubs or Berezina 12.7mm machine guns.
I understand that the changes were the so-called field conversions.
Also not Berezina 12.7mm MG because the Berezina is a river of the Belarus and a tributary of Dnieper River. Berezin is a name. Michail Berezin was a Soviet designer of UB (the Berezin's Universal) and the BS (the Berezin Synchronized) series of machine guns. The UBK, UBS and UBT 12.7mm MGs were accepted into service on April 22, 1941. Just to make it clear.

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