"Hell to Pay - Operation DOWNFALL and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947" by Giangreco

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    "Hell to Pay - Operation DOWNFALL and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947"
    by D. M. Giangreco
    Naval Institute Press - 2009
    ISBN: 978-1-59114-316-1

    Hell to Pay.jpg

    With the Allies chipping away at the Japanese Empire, it became apparent that the Japanese were not going to surrender, and plans were made for an invasion of Japan. The overall Plan Operation Downfall was divided into 2 separate Operations:

    Operation Olympic would be the invasion of Kyushu (a large Island in the south) in mid to late 1945. This would allow a firm foothold as well as provide forward airbases.

    Operation Coronet would be the landing near Tokyo to occur in 1946.

    It was hoped that the war would be finished by 1947.

    The author did a wonderful job explaining both sides of this. From the Japanese guessing correctly where the allies planned to land, to the buildup of their forces to strength 150% more then what was expected, to the logistics of 3 specially outfitted ships carrying blood for the allies to the massive amount of allied ships and Japanese suicide raids planned.

    I have always read that the Japanese were desperately short of aviation fuel and aircraft, but we find out that they had actually stockpiled over 1.1 million barrels of aviation fuel and 12,700 aircraft, to be only used against the expected final invasion.

    Allied deaths were forecasted to be between 300k to a million. Japanese deaths were expected to be in the multiple millions, the Japanese High Commend itself forecasted up to 20 million – a truly staggering amount.

    After the Americans dropped the 2 atomic bombs with no response from the Japanese Government, it was considered to use 9 more tactically in the invasion of Kyushu along the beaches as well as further inland. The use of poisonous gas was also considered for use (as well as being stockpiled).

    Never having read a lot about this potential operation, I could not put this book down! For anybody interested in WW2 History, this is a must read. I give it 10 out of 10.

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