Hellcat F6F3 and F6F5 windows

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I see many differences in pics of these two Hellcat versions. The -3 and the -5 had different canopy frames in front but I see windows behind the main sliding section (in fuselage behind) on some and not on others. Were these windows based on the -3 or -5 version or were they due to some other reason? Any help is appreciated.
Welcome aboard warbirdlover. I think it is probably the different versions. I have some Hellcat reference that I can check when I get home.

BTW, what part of Southeastern Wisonsin are you in? I grew up in Muskego.
I lucked on to a website that had the answer. The first 1,000 or so -5's had the window and they removed it for the remaining main build. That appears to me that the -3 would have all had them.

Now for the next question. There was a small "hump" on some cowls right before the exhaust outlet. It seems like the same thing. Some had it some didn't and it doesn't seem to matter if it's a -3 or a -5.

Thanks for the welcome! This seems like a great forum for getting my odd questions answered.

I'm in Waterford which is right down the road (10 miles?) from Muskego.
According to my sources, the rear window was removed on all but a few of the early F6F-5s.

Are you talking about the hump that is just below the cowl flaps on the -3? That was removed on the -5, although I am not sure why that is. I will speculate that the reason for that is there was a change to the exhaust manifold.

Amazing that you are in Waterford. I remember the town a little, but I haven't been back there in probably 15 years or so.

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