Hello All!

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Feb 28, 2006
Nice to meet you all. Thank you for this wonderful site. This is the reason I got cable internet in the first place!
I'm like most of you, a life long aviation nut. I started with model airplanes: Free Flight, U-Control and then on to R/C. I fly electric exclusively now. I'm also working on my private pilot's license and am building an RV-9A.
I first attented Reno in 1972 and have been a race fanatic since, Conquest I and the RB-51 are my all time favorites. Anyone have any video of them? I also attended Mohave in 1979, the RB-51's final win.
When I was in the service (American AF), I was stationed with active SR-71 and U-2 (TR-1) squadrons, the coolest military planes I ever saw!
Again I thank you and thanks to all those who contribute.
I'm glad to welcome a next modeller.Greetings from Poland.

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