Hello from Hornchurch,England

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Aug 12, 2006
Just thought i'd pop my post cherry by saying hi to everybody.Stumbled upon this site the other day,started reading a few threads and liked it so much i decided to join.I am 27 and have been intrested in planes,particullarly ww2 aircraft,since i can remember.I am from a town near London called Hornchurch which was home to a frontline R.A.F airfield during the battle of Britain.Sadly the airfield is gone and there are no monuments or museums,just a housing estate where it used to be with some roads named after famous pilots (Bader Way,Malan Square) and a local primary school named The R.J.Mitchall School.I look forward to learning from others knowledge,reading the back log of threads and contributing to newer ones.Cheers.
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