Help a newbee ID some equipment

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Feb 27, 2007
Some background first:
This photo was created in 1966 and the item in the photo was assembled from parts believed to be military com stuff. (Someone suggested WW2 Bomber stuff)
I am trying to identify the buttons and where they were used and ultimately I want to find such parts to recreate the pictured.
*Note again that the picture is of assembled parts and this stuff may never have appeared together like this.

I was told N1, N2, and M (for manual) and B (for bomber area) was military. One button reads "0" and one reads "operator" the others just show "I"

Any help suggestions or advice will be great.


That looks like part of a circuit breaker panel. Without more information it would be hard to determine what it really went to and what the switch numbers really mean.
It does kind of look like a breaker panel, but I am guessing it is part of an early computer. The N1, N2 and M look very familiar, and I recall seeing buttons like those on the old NCR accounting machines. the 4 individual "I" are probably ones. Old computers used 4 bit words, and that would make sense to me. I am digging a bit on this as the old computer guys I have worked with over the years have all retired.
Thanks guys. Anything you can dig up to ID these will be great!
As I pointed out this is an assembled piece so the parts could be from different applications. It was created in 1966 so anything dating after that would not be correct. I have this posted on a telephone forum and those guys agree it is not telephone used (operators panel, etc)

The funny thing is everybody that sees it says exactly what I did initially and that is "It looks so familiar I have seen that somewhere before." I just cant place it.

Keep in mind I need to ID it so that I can recreate it.
Comm unit?,
That is much better.
Hopefully someone can ID these buttons.
Any suggestions for other forums that I should post to?

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