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Jun 10, 2004
Knoxville, TN
I read this morning that the far right Greek leader was arrested and saw this flag or banner in the background. Is this a party symbol or something else? The first thought that was in my head was him being far right and that center symbol loosely resembles a swastika. Am I way wrong? I don't mean to anger or insult. Just looking for what this is.


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Its actually the 'game of snake'... and is not supposed to be anything to do with the Swastika or the Nazi type party.
Golden Dawn are the Greek nationalist party.
The major flaw in their thinking is that they think they can spent other countries money without consequences.
Silly buggers.
Dangerous times.
We have seen what extreme politics and perceived / actual injustice can lead too.
The other PIGS countries ( Portugal, Ireland, Greece Spain) are all equally in the ****. Spend ( waste) others money, enjoy the unearned 'good times' and then get your arse in your hand because the money has run out....
You couldn't write the script in the EC ( I should say EZ) you really couldn't.
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Quite right, I should have said EZ not EU John. The EZ troubles affect us all though.
I see that the Tories would form a coalition with UKIP. They must be desperate....
UKIP are on the lunatic fringe and no one takes the clown Farage seriously to be honest. I don't, he's just an attention seeking idiot and an embarrassment.
The UK long ago lost any true 'independence'. We sink or swim with the all the EU countries.
My only regret is that we poo poo'd the Treaty of Rome.
That symbol contained within the wreath is an ancient design common to ancient Greek architecture and even carried into some early Roman designs during the rise of the Roman Empire.

The Nazis did something similiar with thier standards and many icons being borrowed from the Roman and the Roman legions.

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