Help with column headings...

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
I recently found this table of Italian aircraft but it has no headings, I can work out a couple of the basic ones but some are a little harder...any help appreciated...


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The columns are, for example for Re.2000 fighter:
1. Reggiane=producer
2. Re.2005=model
3. Intercep. Fighter=plane type
4. 1=number of engines
5. 986=engine hp
6. Piaggio P.XI R.C.40=engine model
7. 1=crew
8. 534=top speed kph
9. 331,72=same but mph
10. 935=range km
11. 582,99=same but miles
12. 2X12,7mm=armament
13. 11,00=wingspan meters
14. 36,089=same but feet
15. 7,92=lenght meters
16. 25,984=same but feet
17. 2585=max weight
18. 5699=same but lbs
19. additional information

Nice find BTW!

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