Help with ID of Hamilton Standard Propeller Blade – Constellation

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Jul 6, 2024
Hey everyone, looking for a little help here on this Hamilton Standard blade...

So far the only conclusion myself and others have come up with is that it is for a C-69 Lockheed Constellation aircraft.

Any additional expertise is greatly appreciated. I'm just now trying to sell it at auction on eBay after buying it from an estate sale in Northern California.

It's 87 1/2 inches long, 14 1/4 at the widest part near the base, and the base is about 7 3/4 inches diameter. 120 pounds. I can post some pics of the base tomorrow morning when I lay it down for a closer look and get a better base diameter measurement. Should I be looking for something important on the bottom?

Stamped info around the base edge includes: HSP 26, DWG 6959A-0, MFG N695356, N695358, N695408



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Thank you both for your knowledge and assistance with confirming the identification. A potential buyer had messaged me asking for validation. I don't think there's any doubt now. I posted your comments in quotes on eBay attributed to aviation commentators (I didn't reference your names or site in my eBay listing). I hope you don't mind?

Here are a few pics of the bottom that I mentioned I would post today. It just needs some surface imperfections polished out for display, and it's already glorious as is in my opinion. I've also got a couple of jet engine wheel disc rotor assemblies with complete fan blades in two sizes ,36-inch and 49-inch.




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Attached is a copy of the FAA TCDS P-887, for the propeller, which shows the propeller blade model listed.
Attached is a copy of the FAA TCDS 6A5, for the Lockheed 1049, which shows the propeller under equipment item 1 e, at the top of page 18.
This information will show that the blade could be used on the 1049, but no guarantee of the actual usage.


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Great information! Thank you so much. All of your help has persuaded the Buyer I mentioned to place their bid so it's going to sell by July 14th.

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