Hemingway liberates Paris

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    The famous US writer, Ernest Hemingway, would swashbuckle his way through World War II in much the same fashion as he had done in numerous conflicts before. Hemingway was not one of those pressmen who were happy to sit far behing the battlefield simply basing their reports on the Army's official communiques. He would regularly get heavily involved with the men at the front, often making things happen, and then writing his own experiences of events.

    When in August 1944, with the Allied armies poised to move into Paris, Hemingway became slightly frustrated at the delay in entering the French capital. Borrowing a car he drove unprotected into Paris a whole day before the official liberators. In fact he could have been beaten into Paris by another War correspondent, Sam White of the Evening Standard, but the latter decided to personnally 'liberate' the famous French brasserie 'La Coupole' instead.

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