Hi From Sunny Scotland

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Le Stuka

Aug 31, 2006
Hi from bonny Scotland!:D Erm, basically I love World War II aircraft! I've just started Secondary School (I was nervous as hell the night before my first day!) and I'm also into drawing aircraft and making model aircraft. Shame about Airfix being shut down!:evil: Oh and if your wondering about my nickname I LOVE German aircraft (especially the Stuka)! They're so intresting!


We're just starting 6th form...and im not actually the slightest bit nervous or worried, its just the same as before with most of the complete retards filtered out. :lol:

yeah there's nothing to be worried about i know some people that're going to a completely new school, we're just going to a different building :lol: the only thing i'm worried about is my new tutor ;)
Ah, Mr English...at least you can have aviation conversations with him. :lol: I can become a year 7 again and bang about untunefully on instruments should I get the chance ;)
aviation conversations wont get me A levels :lol: your tutor's supposed to be quite important in the 6th form... i'm for it ;)

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