Hi, newbie here

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Jul 7, 2007
St. Paul, MN
I just discovered this group. I've been a long time model plane guy and always interested in WW 2 warbirds. I look forward to interesting conversations.


bentwings guess my favorite airplane . haha
Well I dont know, if you did not say 62 yr Corsair fan in your profile I would say a number of aircraft could be for your favorite plane.....

Welcome to the forum by the way.
Thanks everyone.
23k posts = full time job :shock: got a ways to go haha

Stuka haha ...in my sights.

Right coast ..just moved back from there. You speak Carolinese?? How's the civil war going.?? The South was getting ready to rise last I heard. haha

They still make good valve springs down under???. All the good racing ones used to come from there.

I think the injector pump from my truck came from Poland.

Thanks again, very diverse group. :D

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