Hiatusss... *dun dun dun*

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The Jagdflieger Pips

Airman 1st Class
Aug 1, 2004
New Jersey
I started school again, three weeks ago, so I'm on a hiatus of most of my sites, except my online journal, but it's Friends Only, so it looks abandoned. I just wanted to put a message in so there's no "HOLY CRAP PIPS DIED AGAIN HAHAHAHA" going around. :lol: (that'd be so funny to see though... =] )

But yeah. I didn't fall off the face of the earth. :lol:

Discuss ( ? ):

How spam-like this thread is.

How my english teacher 'hits up the bottle' too much

How sappy the movies in that class are

Oh, and Hans-Joachim Marseille died 63 years ago today. =| One of my favourite aces.

... Altoids are good. :eek:
Here ya go:


Bf 109 E-4 W.Nr. 3579
Oblt. Hans-Joachim Marseille (158 air victories)
I.(J)/LG JG77
Summer 1940
Battle of Britain

URL: http://www.cshq-skins.wz.cz/eng_bf109.html

BTW, I did not find the "Silhouette Recon Game" I have promised you... I probably deleted whilst reformatting my HDD... :rolleyes:
's alright. :lol: Happens.

And it's not that I adore Nazis, but I just adore anything Luftwaffe. I just come off pretty offensive most of the time. =| Or at least I think so. I suppose the same would go for the Kriegsmarine, but the Luftwaffe had more interesting people in it.

Otherwise it's just general interest in the time period.
well we've been discussing this many times before - for me it represents the forces of evil, no matter how the aircraft and technique was adorable (and the Luftwaffe planes were top clas!) - the people were still nazis and what worst, fighting for nazism...
That's true, and I apologize if I came off as offensive and such... I hate conflict on forums and coming off the wrong way.
But Pisis, couldn't it be said that ordinary Germans got caught up in it?

At the beginning of the Thirties, Germany was flat broke, and still reeling from the legacy of the Great War. There were different political groups all shooting it out in the streets and an ineffectual goverment trying to hold it together.

Then comes this guy from the Austrian border who promises to stablise the place, and make it strong again - wouldn't you be taken in and want to believe it?

By the time people started to disappear and the malign elements of the regime began to really show themselves it was too late.

I know that you'll never agree with me, but those two guys at the end of the Stalingrad film? I regard such people as victims of the horror and insanity of it all as well.

No day trips to Hell.

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