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Moving into the Cold War-era with this one. Someone claimed that the MiG-17 could easily defeat the F-14 in a dogfight because he did it in War Thunder.
Why am I not surprised?

Many years ago, on a CFS3 Multiplayer server, an idiot loaded a MiG-15 into an open Europe 1945 map.

I shot him down with my Me262A-1a and he screamed that I was "hack cheating" and I explained that first of all, the Soviets didn't have a MiG-15 during WWII, and it didn't help that he didn't know how to fly the thing.

His response was that he was pretty sure that the MiG-15 was in WWII, he had read it on the internet...
Btw, if he can fly with the MiG-17, we can test it in real!

I know lots of Tomcat ex pilots.

You can watch this guy's video and either laugh or cringe. Also, the Iran-Iraq war is a rather fascinating topic considering the F-14's success. It's from the same War Thunder Youtuber I mentioned who claimed that he could embarrass a Tomcat with a MiG-17 :lol:

View: https://youtu.be/JxsFz1DP5i0
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I don't blame you, friend :lol: his video sadly got recommended to me after watching a few Dave "Bio" Baranek Ward Carroll videos on how to better utilize the Tomcat in DCS.

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