Hitler's Aircraft

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Dec 8, 2012
Las Vegas USA
Hi All,
I have been looking all over the web for the past two days trying to find some photos of Hitler with or near the aircraft he used before the start of WWII, around 1934 to 1939. I know he had a fleet of Junkers JU-52's and that they were silver and black and he named them Immelman, after the WWI ace. But details of the Junkers or the Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor can't seem to locate. The movie Valkyrie had some great scenes of what was supposed to be Hitler's Junkers. I have found a couple of photos but nothing that shows any detail, would love it if one was in color.

Any assistance anyone can give would be greatly appreciated, links, actual photos, books, anything.


Just found out there was a book that was written about this subject it was call Hitler's Squadron. Supposed to have a whole bunch of photos of his aircraft and details. Anyone know about it or has read it?
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no sorry haven't seen any lately but it does pop up from time to time for me. I'll look for you and post links or photos if I find any. :)
here is the condor


and the ju 52

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Norab, great shots. Do you know when he started using the Condor? Also I haven't seen any shots of the bottom of his JU 52. Now to find decals for it....
Hi Rusty,

I have the book you are talking about. What exactly are you looking for. Its not a bad book but I wish they would have had more quality in the pictures. There are no color pictures in though.

All the best
norab, was it bare metal or painted silver?

If it was silver it would be painted with an Ikarol silver lacquer (which would become RLM 01),like the first examples delivered to Lufthansa in 1937. Not bare metal.
Are you sure that it isn't light grey (L40/52)?
Your questions are really hard to answer as Hitler had many aircraft of the same type that he flew in but with different werk numbers but there where some things that he had that was standard for the Junkers Ju52. Unforunently the book does not have any pictures of the inside of Hitlers Ju-52 but here are some quotes from the book.

Aircraft D-2600 Junkers Ju 52 was similar to other line transports except for a small, folding table by Hitler's favorite seat, which was located on the right side of the cabin. Hitler was always interested in the flight plan and Baur had a clock, altimeter and airspeed indicator installed on the right side of the forward bulkhead just ahead of his seat.

Hitler was rather superstitous and liked the number D-2600, so Baur arranged for that number to be used on all personal aircraft, even after the change over to the letter system of aircraft reistration in Germany. Though Hilter did fly in other aircraft that did have other markings and names at least from what I make out from the book

Looks like Hilter used both the Ju 52/3m fe and the Ju 52/3m ge versions. Not sure on what the difference is off hand.


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Here are some pictures though of the inside of the Fw-200


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