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Since there seems to be no home for us Old Tyme Hockey Fans to stretch out our tired ass legs and relax, I made this thread up....

I played some in the ECHL back in the 80's and 90's, mostly preseason and practice squad stuff... I was a goon... A slow goon with an OK slapshot....

Anyways, my hero was Bob Nystrom, and still is to this day... I grew up on Long Island with that man involved in my life... I was a stickboy for the Isles in the late 70's, and he was The Man...

Im a big fan of Old Tyme Hockey, and own 2 copies of the movie Slap Shot... Now let the fun begin and post what u want... I got loads of stuff...

Vid CLip is Scott Parker and his big right hand verses Oliwa...


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Stan Johnathon vs Bouchard need a boost this season although your Ilses are showing signs
Hey, you got Nicky Fotiu there - he's from my old neighborhood. One time he approached a bunch of us while we were playing roller hockey. He Gave me a set of gloves and 4 sticks. Great guy, terrific fighter!
Dude, u wouldnt happen to still have those gloves do ya???

I knew Nick was from Staten... He was one of the most feared pugilists the sport has ever seen.... I think I got a clip where he and Marty McSorely wanna go at it, and they just dance around, never throwing a punch....

Story was that Marty was talking sh!t the night before and Fotiu said for Marty to make his move...

Marty didnt...

Yea I got it heres the clip and a pic I had of Mel Bridgman and Nick...


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I was at a Kings vs Redwings game in 1987, before the Gretzky era when tickets up close were affordable.

I remember one of those guys got into a fight with a Kings defenseman and one of those guys got a tooth knocked out. Saw it leave his mouth and hit the ice. He grinned and then punched the crap out of the Kings guy.

I never laughed so hard!!!!
Dude, u wouldnt happen to still have those gloves do ya???

No - like an idiot I used them to play roller hockey - they got pretty torn up. They were top of the line Coopers in Hartford Whaler's colors (He was playing for them at the time). Around South Beach he was also known as "Nicky Puckeye."
Yea seen that brawl a bunch of times pB... I have in my possession about 50 hockey fight tapes... Even better, theyre broken down into each specific fighter... So basically I have 2 hour tapes of just about anyone u can name from the 70's-late 90's...

I also have many many fight cards listing these goons fights....
One of my favorite brawling teams was the ole Gashouse Gang - St. Louis Blues - The Plager Brothers!!!


Bob Gassoff - I think one of the craziest people to ever play in the NHL!

Last goalie that played without a mask Gump Worsley just passed away
he was in the Hockey Hall of fame 4 and Stanley Cups .
Met him as little kid as he lived a few blocks away


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