Hoist Bomb Electric

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Jan 13, 2007
Gravesend, Kent

I amt rying to identify a bomb lift that I was given 40 years ago and was told itwas from a B17. The plate says. Mil-14H 4106 (USAF) Part No 54J 20889, Contract No. AF33(602)5075, USAF Stock No. 8220 402400, O E SZEKELY Associates Inc, Philadelphia PA. The capacity is 1000lbs

Any Ideas

Hi, I have the same hoist. My dad used it as a hoist in his shop. I do not know where it came from, but I would like to get the wiring diagram for it. Would ou happen to have one?
Your AF Stock Number is missing a few digits. 4 to be exact. It should look something like the following. xxxx-xx-xxx-xxxx.
If it was for a B-17 i'm pretty sure it wouldn't have USAF anywhere in it's nomenclature. The USAF wasn't formed until 1947, it was the USAAF before then, and USAAC before sometime in 1941. There were still a few B-17's in the USAF in 1947, but I doubt they would be making new bomb hoist for them then.

But the USAF may have used the same bomb hoist for many aircraft, and several years.

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