HOT SPACE: Are the HG's still flying?

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Tech Sergeant
Nov 27, 2004
Barnsley, S. Yorks, UK
Hey, was just gonna go over to the HG forum to say hi to everyone, and the site doesnt seem t beloading. I had trouble getting on the CoD board too. Is the squad still running? I was hoping to rejoin when I get a proper net connection in September.
You're wrong, it wasn't as big as some of those from the retard of Israel.
This would be a good time for a nice email
From everyone who's pissed off lol.

Just a question, the tatics forum, the password still better be there, don't want people seeing our 'collection' ;)
Yeah it will be out in two weeks, be sure. Knowing UBI it will come out and all hell will break loose, due to the fact that they are never good at anyhing so I'm not surprised if no-one will be able to get the patch, I don't need it though, as I travelled in to the future two weeks and stole the beta 5.00 ;)

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