Hs 126 in Belgium 1940

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Nov 17, 2017
I am looking for info on the HS 126 units from the German army from the 6th Army (IV AK and XI AK)during the period 21 - 26 mai 1940.
Thx. Vonharzen.

Here are a couple of snippets.

On 23 May 1940 4.(H)/22 was attached to XI. Armeekorps, and 1.(H)/41 to IV. Armeekorps.

On 21 May 1940 at 07:30 XI. Armeekorps reported that the early reconnaissance of 4.(H)/22 reported anti-aircraft fire west of the Schelde, and a marching column of all arms heading west towards Thielt. Evening reconnaissance reported strong enemy machine-gun fire west of the Schelde, and little traffic on the roads between Schelde and Lys. Despite the excellent work of 4.(H)/22, determining enemy artillery positions was proving very difficult, because the enemy positions were not easy to find. The batteries were very well camouflaged, and stopped shooting when reconnaissance aircraft appeared.

Andrew A.
Air War Publications - www.airwarpublications.com
Hi Andrew?
Many thx for this info. Where did you find these information? Is there an interesting book or archive?

Best regards
Hello Andrew. I visited this archive last summer but I was stupid and only consulted the regiment files.

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