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Discussion in 'Corrections / Suggestions' started by HoHun, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I'd like to suggest what I hope is a simple improvement to the forum: Replace an non-breakable space with a simple space in a single (strategically chosen :) location to make posts with images look good on all browsers.


    When a post has multiple attachments, currently the output generated by the forum looks like this (example for three images):

    <img ... /> <img ... /> <img ... /> 

    The MS Internet Explorer displays the three images stacked vertically (which looks good):


    However, Opera accurately honours the   entity as non-breakable space and prevents the "line" consisting of three images to have a break, resulting the the three images being arranged horizontally:

    X X X

    This generally does not look good - not only do the images go off the right edge of the screen, but actually the entire thread (or page of the thread) is formatted to the full width of the resulting extra-wide post. That means the paragraphs in all of the posts usually consist only of a single line that goes off the right edge and sometimes is several times as wide as the screen. Rather hard to read, I'm afraid!

    (In my opinion, Opera's rendition is actually the more accurate one, as   entities are supposed to prevent line breaks.)

    If the   entities could be replaced by simple ("invisible") spaces in the template for attachments, that would allow Opera to use the same kind of ergonomic formatting MSIE uses (inaccurately, but fortunately :) uses right now.

    Thanks in advance! (If there are any questions regarding the HTML or what it looks like on my screen, just ask!)


    Henning (HoHun)

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