I dont know what to call this problem.

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Airman 1st Class
Apr 5, 2007
Sorry fellas, but I'm computer illiterate.
When I want to reply or post a thread the input window is a good size and I can see everything I type.
But as soon as I move my cursor onto anything else (eg: place image, fonts etc.) the window minimises to about two columns width, which makes it realy hard for me to see my input.
The only way I can get it back to normal size is to hit the preview button again, which brings everything back to what I think it should look like, as long as my cursor dosen't touch anything else.
Is this normal or is it me?
Hmmm. I would run a virus check. The window is right below the last post and should not be resized if your cursor moves into it. Sounds like you have caught a cold. What virus protection are you running?
I'm using a desktop PC, XP and McAfee anti-virus, it checks ok.
:idea: Evanglider I am using cordless mouse and keyboard, maybe thats the problem.
Ok i'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help.
Problem solved, I was using Opera as my browser, and this was happening on a couple of the Forums I frequent. Anyway I had to use Firefox to do some transactions, when I was finished I logged in here and everything worked fine.

Evan I tried a wired keyboard and nothing changed.

Thank you all for the help. :thumbup:

All the best.

Graham. :)

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