I miss EA Games Janes WW2 Fighters

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Jul 12, 2007
San Francisco Bay Area
Has anyone out there in cyberland know of or hear that EA Games is re-releasing it's late 90's Computer Sim Janes WW2 Fighters? All in All, I thought it was one of the best Flight sims of the time and included a lot of realistic Physical characteristics of the P-51, P-47, P-38, ME-109, FW-190 and ME-262.

Is anyone still playing this sim?

Just askin!


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Agreed. Great game. IL2 is a great series, longer lived than Janes.

I think Janes just bailed from the whole scene. I don't think they sold as many as they wanted to. Also had one for the US Air Force. Pretty good games.
Yes, great game; still play it all the time (at least once a week; I prefer the Axis missions).

I also have the even-older Fighters Anthology from the early '90's, which includes Navy Fighters and ATF Gold. And I actually like WWII Fighters better than MS's Combat Flight Simulator 3, which is set in similar circumstamces.

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