I need some help from our Brit Brothers

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by lucanus, Aug 4, 2007.

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    I am doing some research on my Uncle's time at Grafton-Underwood,
    near Kettering. He served in the 384th BG and remembers being sent to a Flak House or Red Cross Rest Home nearby...I just finished the new book
    Flak Houses Then and Now; but it only covers a very few....
    My interests in this is that - On the way to this Flak House, my Uncle lost
    his wallet and reported it to the local police. All his buddies were making
    fun of his loss and the chances of getting it back....Well after his return
    to base , he was contacted by the police and they said they had his wallet
    and contents! Uncle Levi went around and retrieved it...He asked who had
    found it and they said a 8 or 9 year old in the village...Uncle Levi went
    around to give his parents a reward for their sons honesty...The boy's
    Mom said if you give it to me, I have to pay tax on it...So Uncle Levi
    gave this boy a 10 pound reward. My interest is trying to find this

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