I need some help to find the correct "2d" top view scale...

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Aug 27, 2017
Tehran, Iran
Hello there, dear friends...

As I said in the thread name, I want to make some 2d top view, but can't find correct scale!

I'm not looking for Bombers or any other "big" airplane, right now.

Here are photos of what I plan to use as material! It's a type of clams which can be found in / around Thailand. I don't know their name, sorry.



Bigger one is about 6.5 * 7 cm and smaller one is about 6.5 * 6 cm.

They are very thin and fragile, but also beautiful.

Some other questions:

1- in your opinion, WW2 era planes fit better or modern ones?

2- Where to find simplified blueprints?
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Ad 1. IMHO no matter which one. All depends on the way you want to present the aircraft

AD2. What kind of blueprints? Profiles eg ...?
1- the first and most important, by now, would be 2d modelling experience by seashells. If successful, I'll go for making accessories and tablues, based on historical aircrafts.

2- the ones with 3 views, or just top view of several different planes.

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