I need to find more of this item, Can anyone help? (1 Viewer)

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Oct 6, 2016
The only info I have is its from a B-25, it is a split 90 and it has a number of 18387 on it.

If anyone can help me with a part number or where I can find at least 4 of them. I would greatly appreciate it.

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What's the connector that is using it? May be cheaper to find the entire assembly, then just the backshells. You can get the backshells new, but they will be a bit different, and probably different colors. A little judicious painting will solve the color issue though. The current base part number for it is part of the MS3108 series connectors. You will need the particular connector data to select the correct backshell and strain relief. MS3108 was superseded by SAE-AS31081, but the MS or AN number is still easily found.
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