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am an idiot! Despite trying for many hours to get add-ons into my CFS3, I never actually can do it, and to be frank, it's driving me nuts. Can anyone help me out here?

It can be frustrating, because different people and different sites have different ways of packaging their add-ons. I'd say if an add-on has no instructions on how to install it, leave it on the floor. But you may have more success posting for help in forums hosted by the site you get the add-on from, or you may find they already have a forum answering these questions.
Regardless of the above, you will need WinZip or a similar utility - don't leave home without it!
bah thats stuffs too complex for me, I don;t generally get on with computers so that is the basis of my negativeness :lol:

Stock game ties me over for now.
What add-ons are you trying to install. I have about 90% of them and each are different. Some require a seperate folder and some auto-install. Let me know which ones you are trying to install to get a better idea of the problems you are having.


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