Ice Hockey: Sweden seal historic world title

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Nov 9, 2005
Olympic champions Sweden thrashed holders the Czech Republic 4-0 to win the World Championship on Sunday.
Sweden became the first country to win both the world and Olympic titles in the same year with their impressive victory in Riga, Latvia.

Jesper Mattsson and Fredrik Emvall scored goals 37 seconds apart in the first period before Niklas Kronwall and Jorgen Jonsson added two more.,35079,3360983.html
Oh, and just to inform you, the NY Rangers have drafted me as pick n.1!
Who wants autograms?


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If thats so, why the hell are u wearing a Jets sweater????
Because they just traded me...

I can understand why you hate them, it's the same like here with Sparta Prague and Slavia Prague, the rivality, derby, etc... Aren't the NYR like 1,000X wealthier then the Islanders?
I was fan of the NYR since I was in the 1st grade, I'll stick to it. But it's true they play a s*it pus*y and they have so many stars...
The Rangers, if Im not mistaken, have the highest salary in the NHL....
And the worst standings...

Actually, I almost don't pay attention to NHL games, because it is not being screened here on the regular TV and I still don't have a satelite on my roof...

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