Identify plane

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Sep 18, 2023
Hi from France near Bordeaux,
We have some old WW2 plane parts. I am looking for the plane it belongs to. .it s a plane turret, it is sharp. .do you know the plane ?


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Wahou.. I understand I was not able ton find it..german built some of them at Mérignac near bordeaux.. it explain WE have parts at home near bordeaux. Do you know if the wheel in the thail was dedicated to a machine gun or a camera.. Many thanks and best regards from France


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I have my answer From wikipédia : "armament, an innovative rear-gun emplacement designed by the Ikaria-Werke: a rotating conical rear "turret" of sorts, manually rotated with a metal-framed, glazed conical fairing streamlining its shape, with the open section providing the firing aperture for either a single or twin-mount machine gun at the unit's circular-section forward mount"
I am happy ! Thanks

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