IL-2 videos

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Hi all; my squad, JG57, has just moved to IL2FB. I can see lots of nice german birds in your signatures. Would any of you like to join our squad? or d'you currently fly in a squad that would be likely to fly missions with us?
Received some requests for the Youtube videos here to be made available in a downloadable format. So here they are in .wmv for you all...


  • Airwar in the East.WMV
    39.6 MB · Views: 167
  • IL2 Sturmovik Retribution.WMV
    36.8 MB · Views: 186
  • Requiem.WMV
    22.5 MB · Views: 67
  • Spitfire IL2 Movie.WMV
    21.8 MB · Views: 52
Thankyou Gnomey! Awesome stuff!!! and thanx for putting up with my annoying requests.......:rolleyes:
My take on that flight time at the beginning and at the end, was to take us back in time to that battle...notice how the fade-in and fade-out was sepia? At least that was the impression I got...

And the song's title "Come with me" kinda supports that. The title, not the song...LOL

I think Kasmir would have been good with that, definately.

They have some high-end media makers out there, but dang...they want a freakin' fortune for 'em, and I'm waaaay too cheap to pay for that stuff...

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