Il2 Screenshots by lesofprimus....

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Just a couple that I have taken.. I new to the game and my computer blows... All I use is the patched Sturmovik version...

The one with the 2 crewmen jumping from the He-111 is the best one so far.


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A lot of the screenshots I took are kinda boring. I just like looking at the planes doing routine stuff like landing on carriers and things like that. A few of them have combat scenes. Maybe I'll take some more.
A lot of patience and practice. It's not that hard once you've got the hang of it. Just be sure to have plenty of height to play with and glide all the way in if you can. Only use the engine in short bursts if you think you might not make the runway, and need a bit of extra height. Flaps are a judgment call, because they may or may not slow you down too much too soon.
Once you touch down, just keep her as straight as you can until she comes to rest. Chances are you'll veer a bit to one side or the other, but at least you'll have made it down in one piece.
They're in Full Mission Builder, CC. Under the Objects selections. You can preset damage to towns, enemy bases, whatever you want, just by setting up enough fires on the map.
Hell, you can have whole forest fires going if you want. :lol:

There's cool new smoke effects too.

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