info on my Uncles WWII Skull cap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oct 31, 2005
My best friends , mom's uncle was i think in WWII. He had a skull cap i think it was called. I wanted to know about how much it is worth ... if i should send it to a museum or sell it to a collector.

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This will help me out alot,
Thank you,
Adam Greer
although i would be more inclined to put it in a museum so it can be shared with everyone not just stuck on someone's shelf........
Well ... im having some money troubles and im trying to find out how much it will run for. I dont want to sell it to just any one..just a collector or musuem. I mean it is really neat to own something like this but i need to make some money. Im just wondering about a price!
For a start PF you need you friends moms uncles full name and squadron or base then you can follow that lead cash wise I would guess well over $100 with a full history copies currently sell for around $25
The leather one looks to be a WWII vintage, but the green one is likely a post-war cap. It almost looks new. I think the WWII cloth type skull caps were in tan/khaki. What I would do is look for an antique dealer that specializes in militaria and get their opinion. The more historical info about the wearer and if possible pictures of him wearing the helmet can add value because of the traceability of the item.

In my humble opinion though, family heirlooms like that should be kept within the family. Once they are gone, you may regret it. We have lost a number of family items over the years that I would love to be able to get back. Whatever it is worth now, if preserved,will only go UP in value as well.
I agree Eric money wise stuff like that aint worth much but hand it down five or six genorations and the heirloom value will far out way the cash sum. I also agree now is the time to gather as much info on its history as the longer it is left the tougher it becomes.
In the sands of time, my 6th great grandfather's Revolutionary war sword has become lost. I would give up one of my testicles to get that back into the family. His son was in the war of 1812 and his sword is also lost. While it may seem like some low cost item now, future generations will be sad to know that the item was sold. If it can be found and recovered by later generations, it will cost them a premium to recover what should have been handed down to them.
The top one looks WW2 and honestly if it is I would not get rid of it, especially if it is the family. As a WW2 militaria collector I would not get rid of it but that is just my opinion.
Although I haven't got them as of yet, my father is hoping to get hold of my grandfathers medals to hand down to me from my grandmother when she dies. Although that does sound awful, he had refused to take them when my grandfather died because they were his, and when he passed away were hers.

My dad's family are vultures and are waiting to pick my grandmothers belongings to pieces when she passes away (which, unfortunately, doesn't seem far in the future.). The medals are the only thing my dad wants to get 'cos he knows the others will sell them ...while he won't, and he'll hand 'em down to me along with his medals. And I wish to keep them in the family. Unfortunately...if I ever do have children I don't know what those little twats are goin' to do with 'em when I snuff it.
Your family sounds like my mothers family. They did that to my Grandfather when he died and many of his things from his Wehrmacht days just simply dissapeared forever. It was a shame.
My dad and uncles know the importance of respecting those sorts of things, so I have no fear of anything of grandad's or Uncle George's being sold or discarded by any of them, and I already have grandad's uniform. My aunts on the other hand...:rolleyes:
I ain't going to have too much from my dad or grandfather definitely no uniforms when my old man was demobbed he had his uniform on and an issued Burton's suit in a brown paper parcel as he and a mate left the dock gates a spiv came up and offered £10 for each suit, so they sold them to him went into the nearby pub, got pissed, came out, found the spiv beat him up and took back their suits and dumped their uniforms in the nearest rubbish bin.

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