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    Ingegner Stelio Frati was a mechanical engineer and an Italian designer. His passion was aviation from childhood and as a teenager he started to approach the world of flying as a talented model maker, becoming the Italian champion of airplane models in 1940. Ingegner Frati studied at Milan Polytechnic from 1938 to 1943 and he graduated as a mechanical engineer, because, at that time, there wasn’t a university faculty of aeronautical engineering.

    During his long career he designed many fine planes




    which have been produced in series or awarded with prestigious prize. He is one of the few people who was able to obtain the pilot's license carrying out the examination with an aircraft of his own construction.
    Shortly after the war, he participated in the activities of the gliding center of Milan University and in 1946 he was the author of the book "The Glider", published by Hoepli.

    This book

    The Glider

    wich can be very useful to read for those not very much acquainted to higher level of maths at University, has been translated into English by

    Sequoia Aircraft Corporation

    wich has bought the rights to sell the Falco F-8L kits.

    Unfortunately, this book is not published in Italian anymore.......
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