international sea furies

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As promised, here are some of my shots of the Seafury. This one is owned and operated by Ellsworth Getchell. He goes by "Getch". One heck of a great pilot and a good guy too. These are shots I have taken over the last couple of years at various events.


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Good thing the NKVD didn't ever get hold of you, Eric. Well, case over. Hang him.
The Seafury when it flies at Chino is one cool event. The plane has a smoke generator that helps people track his aerobatics. The smoke also is picked up by the wingtip vortex's and its one neat thing to see the "tornado's" formed by the turbulent air.

I think I have some pix of it happening. If I do, I will post them.

Anyone who has been close to one these planes idling or moving along a taxiway, it exudes an aura of power.
Yep, he has the smoke generators out on the wing. He puts aluminum tape behind them on the trailing edge of the wing to save his paint. It definitely gives you a feeling of power when they start up. It is surprisingly quite though when it flies.
great pics eric i wanna see some more :D

the sea fury is indeed a wonderful bird but what do you expect when it comes form such a fine stable as the tempest and typhoon

(sorry guys had to give the tempest a mention shes my no.1 :D)

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