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Feb 1, 2007
terceira Island, Azores

I was going around for some reference on the HP 50 Heyford, and found this marvellous site!!!

Proud to be a member, and and starving for learning a lot with you!

Regards from the azorean islands!!!

José Pires

I´m in the island were the RAF and then the USAF built the biggest "fuel pump" in the middle of the atlantic, and then managed to close the "Azorean gap", hunting down Doenitz wolfpacks...
The Azores are mid way point on crossing the Atlantic on the Southern route if your transiting the Atlantic with an aircraft with short legs you'll stop there or Iceland . You'd see alot of aircraft of all kinds ferrying through. Out of curiosity does any one know if Lajes is located by a city
The Azores is also an alternate landing spot for the Space Shuttle in time sof emergancy.

We had some of our Blackhawks flown out there on a C-5 to do some training out there. Was really nice.

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