Is any help possible?

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Nov 22, 2004
Guys, do not make fun on me please.

This can certainly be like attempting to find a blonde hair in haystack, but who knows...

I am seeking information on 3 German pilots, all three experten.

(1) Gabriel Tautscher of JG 51, with at least 50 air kills. He is posted as KIA, but I also found stuff suggesting he became a POW after baling out, but "dissapeared" in the USSR.

(2) Peter Devin of JG 52. Finished the war with some 30 kills -all scored against the VVS in the last three months of the war, and

(3) Jörg Mergensen of JG 52. Finished the war with 9 kills, all in the last three months of the war.

Anyone in here happens to have any sort of records, documents, printings or whatever that migght help knowing a bit more on any of these three German pilots?

My point is to detect the gruppen they flew in, and any other additional data that might rose to the surface.

As I said, this could be considered silly when one knows of the chaos of the last year of the war. Records for that particular period of time of the war are either incomplete or flatly missing, and also there might be an interesting number of men who served their country whose names are known but to god.

So if no help is possible at all, I´d say thanks, and suggest the admnistrators proceed to lock the thread. :))
I don't have any information but I would like to say, no one would make fun of you for a question like that. That's what the website is for, gaining information.
I would venture to guess that the best person to answer that is probably Erich. He seems to have done the most research and have the most records on the Luftwaffe that I know of.
In the words of a slightly drunk, foul-mouthed and over-excited British teen [that's me]; "When it comes to the Luftwaffe, he's a fuck-in genius!"
Udet :

suggestion :

Nikko Fast who has wirtten an official history of JG 52 and author Bernd Barbas. I believe I have Bernd's addy somewhere in my files......

interested ?

E ~
Udet :

Niko Fast has produced 7 volumes on the high scorering jagdgeschwader
from Bensberger Buch Verlag.

Band I, 1990, 543 pages, ISBN # 3-929460-00-9

Bernd Barbas has his first volume completed but is also planning 2 more volumes with assistance of the JG 52 Gemeinschaft

E ~
JCS and everyone: I greatly thank you for the input.


What do you mean with Bernd Barbas "addy"? Address?

If so, you mean courier mail or e-mail?

Are Barbas and Fast co-authors?

As to Niko Fast 7 volumes, do they contain lists of the pilots of the jagdgescwader?

Do you have them all?

Assuming you have them, or that you have had the chance of consulting them, to what degree are the works complete?

Too many questions, right? If it gets annoying, you do not have to repond. :)

By the way, I forgot to add another pilot in the opening post, Uffz. Knut Metzger of either (or both?) JG 1 or JG 11, who finished the war with 18 victories, all against USAAF heavy bombers and fighters. It appears he entered service after completing training in late 1944, november or december. He was born in 1924.

I do think you are familiar with JG 1 and JG 11 Erich. I digress, I am aware this could be an impossible mission.
I am back, well............for a short moment.

yes I have BErnd's personal postal adresse. would you like to write him ? he understands English perfectly well.

Nikko came out with his multi volumes first, while Bernd was doing his research for his own first volume, so they are not working together.
One of Niko's volumes just covers the JG 52 losses only....

do not have any of the volumes by either author, as I have really specified with ETO late war missions especially SturmFw's and the Nightfighters and jet operations

I have a rather large data base covering JG 1 and JG 11 so give me a bit to find "your" man in JG 1 . Tried one authortative source but he is not mentioned so will try another German file.........
Günter "Graf" Metzner.

5 kills while in III./JG 11 in the Ost from June till September 44. While Staffelkapitän in 12th staffel he was shot down-heavily wounded with his leather Kombination on fire, bailing out of his Fw 190A, blue 4 on 11 February 1945. The unit was doing a dive-bombing ground attack mission on Bridgehead Zellin against the Soviets............

U: this maybe not the right chap but I cannot find a Knut Metger in either JG 1 or 11 files. will keep searching

E ~

Thanks a lot for the response.

But it seems like no; the name is Uffz. Knut Metzger.

What is it exactly that you have there?
A list showing the names of those pilots who served in JG 1 and JG 11?
If so, to what extent do you think such lists are complete?
the listing from Dr. Jochen Priens excellent JG 1 and JG 11, three volumes. Complete ? yes very much so as the good Doktor has had access to complete JG 1 and JG 11 records, pilot and a/c. Calioms and losses

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