Is STD's a risk in the PPCLI

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Oct 3, 2005
As some of you may already know that last year a civilian woman (whore) went trotting around our base at Vernon trying to make a living, she was arrested and she admitted she was HIV positive, its a good thing that she never swayed any of the men on the base, but the problem is really the lack of knowledge of STD's.

Recently at Jefferson Armoury (Our Home base in Edmonton) we actually had a trivia game called STD Jeapoerdy, I almost shit myself when I read the scores I had a wopping 2500 points (Im very competitive) while the average for the other guys were about 150 to 200, I know that was just a game but it just goes to show either a lack of knowledge towards STD's or just not giving a shit.

So whats youre input.
I don't know for the PPCLI, but I think STD is a risk for everyone within Canada. During a "vox pop" on the TV news recently, a repporter asked several question about STD at random peoples (aged 16-25) on the street. The results were... well... wrong.

Here are examples of the questions they were asking :

Can someone get a STD by giving a blowjob ? (The answer is "Yes", by the way.)
Do you always use condoms to have sex with a new partner ?

Why were their answers sooooo bad ? Because teachers don't do their job ! The sexuality course's teacher should teach sexuality, not an hour of Socialist delirious speech.

At least, that's the main problem in Québec...
We always tell the new young fellas "Be sure to double bag it!". Always, always, always wrap that rascal! I don't give a damn how clean she looks or smells, or what the cab driver told you about her, wear a friggin' condom! Period!

You're right by the way, the public education system in this country is too political. It varies slightly from province to province, but it's essentially the same touchy-feely attitude wherever you go. I wouldn't have a clue what they teach in Québec. On one hand they're a little more open with sexuality by and large, and on the other hand the church seems to have more influence than in most other places. That's gotta confuse the hell out of the school boards there.
Church has more influence than in most other places ? Nah... English-speaking citizens seems to be more hooked to the church than us.

We kicked the religion out of our schools in the 70s... The lone problem is that Unions and Socialism took over it. It is impossible to take a course in the public system without finding a frigging Anti-American socialist and unionist teacher.

We were always pretty opened to sexuality... We even thought of legalizing prostitution like in the Nederland.
Y'know something? I can't for the life of me figure out why everyone in the States thinks we worship Bryan Adams in Canada. :-k

Stompin' Tom is the god we all pray to. I'm not sure if he has the clap though. ;)
Fuck off with that stompin Tom shit! ;) Its Bubbles,Pam Anderson and Nova Scotia's own Sid Crosby, and I saw Bryan Adams once when I volunteered at Bayfest and he is a suck-ass singer.

Oh and we can call Homer Simpson canadian because Matt Groening (creator) based him off his own father (who happens to be canadian, and go by the name of homer).

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