Jabo bomb release controls

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    What a wonderful resource this site is. Maybe someone here can answer this question: on Bf-109 Jabos carrying 4 x SC 50 bombs on the centerline, how were these bombs released? Singly, pairs, or salvo? Or were all three possible? I suspect the answer lies somewhere in these, but my lack of German is a barrier:

    D(Luft)T 229/4 Bedienungs- und Beladevorschrift für Abwurfwaffe, 1940, 30 S.
    D(Luft)T 2404/Bo Beladung, Bedienung der Abwurfwaffe, Heft a, März 1941 26 Seiten

    which can be found here: Luftwaffe Cockpits (under "M", Manuals, Messerschmitt Factory)

    I also found there this picture of the bomb control panel that was mounted in 109 Jabos. I understand the fuzing on the left, but does the right allow selection or are those just indicator lights?


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