Jagdgeschwader, Gruppe and Staffel markings from 1939 to 1945

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    I'm almost certain this has been addressed somewhere already, so just direct me there and I'll shut up. :) But before that:

    During the Second World War the Luftwaffe had personalized markings at the Jagdgeschwader-, Gruppe- and Staffel-level. Like the JG 54's Gr├╝nherz (Green Heart), JG 53's Pik-Ass (Ace of Spades), etc... To my knowledge they had these personalized markings almost through the whole War. From what I've read there was a time around the Battle of Britain that these were removed and then put back in place. Then during the Defence of the Reich they were again removed and replaced by bands at the tail-end of the aircraft (like JG 53's Ace of Spades was turned into a black tail band).

    Could somebody give me the dates for all these changes and the reasons for why they were made?
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    Gruppe markings existed throughout the war - they never really were done away with by the Luftwaffe. BUT, later in the war it was more necessary to survive than paint markings and this might be what you mean. They gradually faded away towards the end. As for the colored bands, they started around 1941 to distinguish between the Eastern Front and the Mediterranean. Then when Defense of the Reich was formed, they included certain band colors instead of a symbol.

    Check this site.

    Luftwaffe Resource Center - Main Index - A Warbirds Resource Group Site

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