James Doohan, Scotty on Star Trek passed away

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I just read that James Doohan, Scotty on the original Star Trek series passed away. What some people don't know is that he was also a WWII veteran with the Royal Canadian Artillery. He was also one who stormed the Beach at Normandy and lost a finger in the fight.

Scotty passed away in his home on Wednesday. Farewell, Scotty.

Well Evan it was his time to get beamed up.
I thought his Scots accent was very good for a Kanuck and without at least one "the engines cant take it captain" or something about his precious Dilithium Crystals in each episode it would not have been the same show. Bye Scottie :(

Just because these guys act does'nt mean that have'nt done there whack in times gone past. I remember a UK comedy series that you may of heard of called Dads Army and a fella (Arnold Ridley) that used to play the roll of Godffrey a meek doddering old fool. Where as in his younger days in real life he was severly wounded in WW1 at the Somme then 20 odd years later suffered bad shell shock (again in France) during WW2.
I told my wife not to waste money on a patch of earth, I will be worm dirt anyway. I said have me cremated and drop my ashes from an AT-6 over the ocean. Our AT-6 (really an SNJ), "290" has done that for a few folks over the years.
My old man wants to have his ashes scattered at sea so my mother said she would dump him off the end of Southend Pleasure Pier, he told her "I dont want to go in and out with the bloody tide you silly cow " :) so i am making inquires to see if I get get a crew member to lob his urn over the side of HMS Albion when the time comes as its the nearest thing we have to a combined ops vessel in the RN.
I friend of mine hired me to fly him over the Palos Verdes peninsula so he could scatter his mothers ashes. We did it in a T-34. I learned that you have to put the plane into a skid or slip so the ashes fly straight out and don't blow back into the aircraft. Mission was successful, no remnants of her made their way back into the plane. ;)

I was actually quite honored that this fellow hired me for this. 8)
To be quite honest, I don't really care what happens to my body once I'm gone because like you said evan, I'll be dead anyway. I figure I'll do the traditional sailor thing and have my ashes scattered at sea. Just so long as they don't drift back into Halifax Harbour. It's a giant toilet bowl. :rolleyes:
Hopefully we'll have it cleaned up a bit by then. ;)

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