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As an example, look up "Angoville" in Normandy. Two American paratrooper medics set up an aid station in an old church and during lulls in the battle brought in wounded for treatment. The battle see-sawed back and forth, sometimes the church was surrounded by Americans, sometimes by Germans. At one point a German officer entered the church, looked around and saw that wounded German troops were being treated along side of Americans. The officer left and ordered the church to be spared.
I know about these events! But is it not answer to my question!

How many medics / doctors are killed, wounded, captured or missing during ww2, from all nations, civilians included?
I do not know.
That's the correct answer!

Back the other question, we all have heard about Nuremberg trials... Was there anything like that for the war criminals from victorious sides??? USSR rapists, or Katyń killers come to mind, plus tons of other minor massacres and war crimes. Even after 80 years. Or even were all those who were involved in holocaust, from highest ranks to lowest ranks, charged? Those who decide what to do, those who command, those who did it and the overseers.

I would accept some were not alive [Killed, Died, Executed, Disappeared], around Nuremberg trials, but what about those who were alive?

From what I see, heard and read, Nuremberg was just a show! [Compared to all other things we know and don't know.]

What if Germans actually had won the war... Would there be a trial for holocaust? Or any other war crimes done by their allies?
Kishida is happy to meet Xi in San Francisco to save his face as the Japanese leader. This looks all what he wants.


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