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MinebeaMitsumi accepted 55yen(0.37dollar) for a flare gun (type 55 signal pistol) in no-bid contract with the Ministry of Defense in last February.
My unknown world at least.

Bid report


Economy news dated April 15, 2021.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries may withdraw from firearms production for JSDF due to less order
More and more major companies are withdrawing from the defense industry in Japan. After the selection of new fighter jets was confused between Japan and the U.S., F-35A was finally selected but this caused Yokohama Rubber and Sumitomo Electric to withdraw from fighter jet production. Even Daicel which produced ejection seats for fighter jets also completely withdrew from the defense industry. Komatsu has also recently decided to withdraw from armored vehicle manufacturing. This company also manufactures artillery shells but the number of tanks and artillery pieces is set to be halved from the previous National Defense Program Guidelines to the current one. It is seen as a matter of time before this company withdraws. And recently, Sumitomo Heavy Industries which supplies machine guns to the JSDF is also expected to withdraw in the midst of the current selection of next machine guns to stop production.........

This is a gift from late Abe but how low morale would be there :confused:
Japan's defense budget shortage came from a sudden large order for F-35A/B in 2020. The joint development plan of FX fighter with UK and Italy may have come up to compensate the future expenses in 2022 but it is sure that JGSDF is sacrificed in either way.

Abe's "big shopping" destroys JSDF's equipments balance (dated June 7, 2020)

Japan Diet paves way for 3-way fighter project with Britain, Italy (dated June 5, 2024)

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japan's parliament on Wednesday gave approval for the government to conclude a treaty to establish a coordinating body to oversee the joint development of a next-generation fighter jet with Britain and Italy.

IIRC, the U.S. was not interested in developing the manned fighter jet anymore.


This news had better be added.

Saudi Arabia's Push to Join the Cooperation in the Joint Development of Next-Generation Fighter Aircraft by Japan, the UK, and Italy: How Should Japan Respond? (dated October 25, 2023)

Nikkei stock index tops 42,000 for 1st time on tech gains (dated July 11, 2024)

Japan warns recent exchange rate moves out of line with fundamentals
The comments came after the dollar fell as much as 2.5% against the yen following weaker-than-expected US CPI data (dated July 11, 2024)

Weak yen failed to raise commodity price and wage more than 3% against the government intention.
This is people's victory with good patience IMO.
Summer Bonuses Hit Record High in Japan: Keidanren (dated July 12, 2024)


Price is stable and bonus is higher. No worse economic factors in the society now.
Memorial days are coming again but Hiroshima and Nagasaki take contrasting ideas.

Hiroshima peace ceremony invite to Israel called 'double standard' over Russia, Belarus snub

Nagasaki mayor suspends invite to Israel for peace ceremony

As a normal procedure, even though it was a bad news for them, JMSDF is thorough about the information disclosure.
This is slightly different from JGSDF and JASDF in my experience.

Japan Rocked by Military Leaks Scandal Amid Russia, China Threat
By the way, recent foreign media easily call JMSDF as Navy like Army for JGSDF or Air Force for JASDF.
Japan has no such formal military forces due to the constitution which Gen. MacArthur gave in 1946. According to the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, Japan has no choice but to rely on the U.S. Forces in Japan which is responsible for the defense of Japan. This looks a strange rule nowadays but basic one.

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