Japanese Aircraft Bombs and Torpedo's

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Aug 21, 2006
Japanese Aircraft Bombs and Torpedo's. These are declassifed document's from the Fischer Tropsch Archive in English. Great document's for the modeler, historian or curious.

Enjoy Micdrow


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This is really terrific stuff. You have some kinda great shovel
used to dig deep and find this information, to the benefit of all.
Have you ever seen or heard of a Japanese bomb with a flat nose, the rest of the bomb is very similar to the Type 97 or type 3, overall lenghth is 104cm and 40cm across.
Not sure if any of these are it. Would have to convert to centimeters.


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Thank's for the promp responce but it is not any of them I will attempt to attach a photo so you can have a look at it
Did the Japanese aircraft bombs use "Shimose" (picric acid) like their artillery shells and handgrenades? It was highly reactive with steel projectile casings (especially in tropical environments), producing very sensitive crystals.

My aunt's boyfriend was in the Army in New Guinea and said that it was common to find boxes of Japanese grenades which had disintegrated, leaving the grenades scattered on the floors of the huts where they were found. It was SOP to throw a very long loop of rope to the far side of the grenades, instead of initially picking them up by hand. That way, if they went off by themselves while being dragged across the floor, you had some distance between you and them.

I can't imagine that 250lb and 500lb bombs full of the same stuff would be much more fun to deal with, by the Japanese OR us.

Update: I see that at least some of them were filled with Shimose. Nasty stuff.
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