Japanese flag translation

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Apr 2, 2024
Hi forum,

I have this Japanese flag. But I have no clue with it says. Translate app's doesn't reveal anything usefull

I can see other had luck in here with translations ;) I hope I can get same service - it would be really appreciated!

Thanks a ton


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This flag is filled with many younger guys' slogans.
Unusual one.

1. 七生報国 Shichi-sei-hou-koku = Serve your country for seven lives

2. 撃滅 Gekimetsu = Demolish

3. 船越達雄 様 For Mr. Funakoshi, Tatsuo

4a. 忍健 早稲田大学 剣道部 Be patient and healthy, by Kendo club of Waseda University

4b. 皇國護持 航専 林榮介 Protect the empire, by Hayashi, Eisuke of Kosen (aviation school)

5. 撃碎 日大 帆走部 山神毅 Smash(!) by Yamagami, Tsuyoshi of Yacht club of Nippon University

6. 忠誠友愛 Be loyal and love friends

7. 難生易死 不怖死 徒不求死 久松永一郎 It is hard to live but easy to die. Don't be afraid of death but don't hurry for it. by Hisamatsu, Ei-ichiro

8. 断 池田英三 Cut'em up(!) by Ikeda, Eizou

9. 堅忍持久 鎧塚一 Be patient and tough, by Yoroizuka, Hajime

10. 不惜身命 惜名 Don't miss your life but honor

11. 君子見双賑色 不語似無哀愁 Even a brave man misses his world but does not show his sadness

Wow, thank you so much Shinpachi Shinpachi . I really appreciate you spend your time to translate it. It means a lot to me :)
I'm not very familiar with Japanese flags but I can see a lot of names.

Does it say anything about who the owner was? I assume it is Mr. Funakoshi, Tatsuo?

And is there any year/date on the flag?
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Yes, the recipient is Mr. Funakoshi, Tatsuo.
No descriptions about the period on the flag but age for enlistment was downed to 19, from 20, in November 1943. At the same time, draft moratorium for the university students were abandoned. So, it would be natural to think that Funakoshi, Tatsuo was enlisted in November 1943 with this flag.

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