Jeep or Kubelwagen, Kubelwagen or Jeep?

Which would you have?

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Aug 8, 2005
I tried to put this on POLLS Mr NS, but couldn't so feel free to delete, er move this if you wish. :)

Which would you have?

BTW The Hotchkiss Jeeps were the best.
I think you right Adler the Kubel just was not as robust as the Willys
Isnt there a connection with a cartoon character around the time Eric that was called the Jeep and that was why the spelling was used to discribe the GP
I spoke to a guy at Duxford on sunday and he was the owner of a 1942 Willys Jeep with all the Kit including this very rare Winchester made M20 carbine


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He has just come back from the states and had an hours flight in a B24
up in the bombardiers position and a quick trip in a B17 he was still grinning at the thought of it
I know some guys who work for Chrysler and they said the GP is wrong, that the original order was for a vehicle with Just Enough Essential Parts.

I think that an existing Willys was just adapted.

There was one there in a bay, he'd restored it along with a Duck-type thing.

My grandad fitted a half-track engine to a Jeep at Hereford (IIRC?) and had it on 2 wheels! :shock:
That Chrysler story about just enough essential parts sounds like an acronym that was made later. Chrysler did not build Jeeps during that time. The first jeeps were made by Willys-Overland, Ford and American Bantam.

Chrysler bought American Motors in 1987, who had bought out Kaiser in 1970. Kaiser bought Willys in 1953 and it became Kaiser-Jeep in 1963. The origin of the Jeep name and the trademark came from the original Willys company.

As an aside, teh Ford Motor Company produced GP vehicles and their documents state that G stood for Government Use. The P signified the wheelbase of the vehicle, in this case, 80 inches.

I have seen no documents that show the acronym JEEP.
I Owned a 1948 Willy's mine was a CJ2A It didn't have the shovels and it did have a tail gate it was a blast and I wish I could get it back.

The Kubelwagon was actually no slouch and could go pretty much anywhere you had the guts to go. long climbs and mud was the Jeeps forte and best feature.

I vote Jeep to.


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