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Senior Airman
May 12, 2005
Do any of ya'll guys know any funny jokes, because tommorow I'm going to meet my girlfriend's dad and I wan't to impress him to let me date his daughter. ;)

There's these two Jewish families neighbouring with windows. In one window, there's living this dirty old Ruben and in the opposite window, a beautiful daughter of Mr. Kohn.
One day Mrs. Kohn tells her husband:
- "Moritz, we gotta buy curtains. Ruben is kibitzing our daughter when she changes her dress in front of the window."
- "Nope. You're going to strip there and he'll buy it!"

Try to tell him this. ;)
I hardly see how telling jokes would let you date his daughter. But then I've never had to meet their father - 'cos I'm pretty sure no girl goes clubbing with their dad.
i like it pisis :lol:

ah, i remember telling moonface's dad blond jokes, but elm just try to act decent and don't try to impress him too much, he'll see right through you, if he likes you for who you are then you're fine but if he doesn't like you for who you are then no ammount of jokes are gonna solve that.........

and, one last thing, don't grope his daughter infront of him ;)
turns out moonface's dad used to climb the trees on our farm, that was one of the first things we talked about and aparently her mum was quite impressed because most of moonface's friends didn't talk to her dad :lol:

and for the record CC i still don't approve of calling her moonface but in this case it does have some comdey effect ;)
It depends on what sort of person you are as to what approach you make.
I learned that years ago when I tried to advise a young guy on how to get a girlfriend
I said "just be yourself and be honest with her"
He said "What, tell her I'm sad and lonely and want a shag"
I gave up :rolleyes:
Gnomey said:
What you do Pisis? ;)

Usually triyng to leave before I could met someone who is already awaked...

I didn't know my ex's dad but I had a great relationship with her mum. We always discussed politics, culture, art and all that sort of "mature" stuff...
Well guys the date went better than I thought. :D

I found out stuff about my girlfriend's dad that i didn't know. :shock: "gasp"

He used to be in hte army and served in the vietnam war. :shock: "double gasp"

Plus his dad served in WWII. :shock: "triple gasp"

Plus he said after I told him about what i plan to be and my interest he said I was a good choce for his daughter. 8)

Plus I didn't use many jokes because I didn't have to. But lets continue this thread with jokes. 8)
you see, just be yourself and you wont need jokes, just, from now on remember you're dating his daughter not him, don't spend all your time apeaking to him about the military from now on :lol: but keep up the good relationship with her dad, if nothing else sounds like he could teach you allot.......

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