JU87 Stuka - Aerodynamics data

Discussion in 'Technical Requests' started by zybr, Aug 7, 2009.

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    I recently stumbled across this forum and found it to be an exellent place for info and discussion.

    I have a resource-problem though. I have tried using the search engine on the forums, but i couldnt find what i needed.

    I am doing a project which involves the JU87 Stuka. I am in need of specific data on this aircraft for a project. I have quite easily found the physical data like wingspan, wing area, max speed, climbrate ect, BUT for my project i am in need of the more aerodynamic related data for this aircraft. Especially:

    1: Aerofoil section
    2: zerolift drag coefficient
    3: lift coefficient(over a range of attack angles if even possible)

    These numbers seem hard to come by, and my school library seem to only have books with the normal data and a whole lot on the Stukas operational history which is useless to me.

    I know its prolly hard to get that kind of data for especially the Stuka, but nevertheless im trying. I really like the Stuka...

    I hope someone here might be able to direct me towards any kind of litterature that can assist me


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