JUNKER 188 cockpit parts wanted.

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Nov 15, 2005
Hi! Ive been collecting original parts for this crazy project for 3 years, I have some good pieces for the moment. But I need more!! Iam interested in any parts, instruments, documentation etc.
The modell is the A-3 , wich was used here in Norway for convoy missions. All the best from a former LW mechanic( former life...)

Chris :shock:
But since Iam no computer nerd, I need some help with how to put in interesting pics on this site can you give a hint?Wasting my time in the bush looking for interesting scrap.....

For example I have pic wich is 248kB but it doesnt fit, do they have too be smaller? I only get the answer : The Extension array is not allowed.

Best regards Luftwaffe4ever
Tryed again.... but I do not know what I am doing wrong!! It is a JPEG pic on 248 KB but the web site still says; The extension array is not allowed.

Best regards C :(
Got your email! Thanks for sending, its a great pic, hopefully it should work. Im nit sure why it wasnt for you. Welcome! 8)


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First of all, thanks replying it feels like Im not alone in the universe!
The pic was taken in 1996, and the frame work was rescued in the last minute! Looking for parts whereever there were 188`s ...........

Well If you never try you never find out!!

best regards :)
Here is another part to the project, have plenty of pics...

and parts.......but missing all parts inside the turret.....

Cheers :lol:


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Wilkomme Undu562

may I ask what Luftwaffe unit you served with ? wish i could help but only have 2-3 very small pieces of Ju 88D-5 ? parts from it's crash on the small island rocks outside of Norway. the particular craft also crashed due to a Maritime recon operation.

I am still serving in the so called " EismeerGhost Geschwader ", flying high and low , and trying to sort out enemy from friend in the heat of fighting.........

Or more historical correct the KG 26.....on sunday we have order to fly to southern France, on torpedo missions over the Med!! Wish me luck!

The small parts you had could be of interest , can you send pics? But that is more of tecnical interst than to my project.

Undu Bord m. der KG26 9staffel. 8)

See and b amesd! The co pilot seat........


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Der Adler, what are you confused about??? The seat or the Ghostgeschwader???

Best regards :shock:
No , I am sorry not! I was born 30yrs to late...... But I am VERY interested in the Luftwaffe war in the icecold north, also otherplaces of course, since the same airmen flew their machiness all over the Eruopean war theater. But ,once I get to know a real Bordmechaniker on a JU 188 he served in the KG 26/9staffel . He was stationed in Grosseto, Montepellier, Værnes etc. It was very interesting to hear his storys , for example when they torpedod allied shipping in the Med.
But now his gone, so after that I decided to rebuild the cockpit of a plane he flew.

Well thats about it!
Best regards Bordm. K26 8)

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