Kill A Rat! The Devs Of WWIIOL Are Putting Their (virtual) Lives On The Line!

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Jun 16, 2014
Tampa, FL, USA

One of the most enjoyable events in World War II Online is the chance to kill the Rats ingame. We get that chance on Sunday the 24th! They will be ingame, on both sides, and we will be doing WAR! Kill A Rat 11/24/19 :D

WWII ONLINE NEWS - Kill A Rat 11/24/19: Join the RATS (Game Developers) for WWII Online game play this coming Sunday, November 24th 2019! We'll have RATS on both Allied and Axis, including Discord voice comms. For the event (only), all infantry classes will be unlocked and available for play for Free Players (including Steam players), Premium users will also be able to access the Ammo Bearer and NCO class, and Hero Builders will be able to access the High Command Officer class. We expect this event to last between 3 and 4 hours, so set some quality time aside. We'll be tracking the number of RAT kills and the top 3 winners who have the most will be able to reactivate a friend for 1 month each. Time Zones: 10AM US Pacific (GMT -8) 12PM US Central (GMT -6) 1PM US Eastern (GMT -5)

New accounts receive one month of free Premium time, so you CAN fly in the Kill A Rat event. After that month, you can keep playing for free with a limited equipment and vehicle selection or you can subscribe (paid monthly subscription) for any of several different types of accounts.

Hope to see you in the skies and on the ground, fighting over (virtual) Europe! :pilotsalute:

(odonovan1 ingame)
Oh, and...GO ALLIED! ;)

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