Korean War aviator awarded Navy Cross for shooting down four MiGs in one fight

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Jun 25, 2013
Royce Williams, a USN aviator flying an F9F Panther shot down 4 MiG-15s in air-air combat over the Sea of Japan. Because the aircraft were Soviet -- not North Korean, even nominally -- the fight was classified for decades. Mr Williams was awarded the Navy Cross for his action by the current Secretary of the Navy.

See US pilot shot down four Soviet MiGs in 30 minutes -- and kept it a secret for 50 years | CNN


My comments:
First, congratulations to Mr Williams for an award long overdue.

Second, Mr Williams showed both great skill (which is why he succeeded) and great courage (which is why he tried).

Third, I wonder how many similar cases of courage have needed to be classified for various reasons.
I wonder how many similar stories are out there that we'll never hear of…🤔 Sounds like that line from the original Top Gun:

Viper: I flew with your old man. VF-51, the Oriskany. You're a lot like he was. Only better... and worse. He was a natural heroic son of a bitch that one.
Maverick: So he did do it right.
Viper: Yeah, he did it right... Is that why you fly the way you do? Trying to prove something? Yeah, your old man did it right. What I'm about to tell you is classified. It could end my career. We were in the worst dogfight I ever dreamed of.
There were bogeys like fireflies all over the sky. His F-4 was hit, and he was wounded, but he could've made it back. He stayed in it, saved three planes before he bought it.
Maverick: How come I never heard that before?
Viper: Well, that's not something the State Department tells dependents when the battle occurred over the wrong line on some map.

Lest we forget;
There were dozens, if not hundreds, of ground force encounters that won't see the light of day and I'm not just talking about the Eskimo Scouts and other units vs Spetsnaz in the cold country of Alaska….

Edit: I originally didn't include Viper's first line, but, while watching the Youtube account of Royce Williams, I noticed a coincidence he was flying off the Oriskany, THE SAME CARRIER AS MAVERICK's dad! Could Royce Williams be the illegitimate father of Pete Mitchell? 🤔

Disclaimer: Before the Vulcan cadets in the forum start shooting holes in my theory, please know, I'm just joking.
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