Kyusyu J7W1 "Shinden" CGI Project

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Feb 17, 2008

Source: Famous Airplanes of the World
The Kyushu J7W1 Shinden has a special place in memory for me. I will have to set the scene for this to be understood. Fall of 1959, I was a fourth classman at the USAF Academy and as a "dooley" we double timed when outside, marched at a brace inside and sat at attention at a brace when eating. Normal meals were ten men per table all from ones own squadron, five upperclassmen, five dooleys. Dooleys were required to recite various facts when requested. Sundays especially were less populated by upperclassmen as those with satisfactory grades could be off base causing a dooley at Sunday meals to find a spot at a table with strangers, usually three upperclassmen to seven dooleys. Sundays it was common for a dooley to request to sit at ease. Back then I was well versed in aircraft types and data because through Jr. high and high school I spent much time in the library reading Janes and other aviation references. One particular Sunday I landed at a table where the first dooley requested to sit at ease. We were told we could sit at ease if we could identify the aircraft we would be asked. Each dooley failed until I was last and I answered mine correctly, as I remember disappointing the upperclassmen. I was told I could sit at ease, but I declined as I thought a correct answer would have allowed all to sit at ease. I then made a challenge for the next Sunday, if I could find the same table, they could ask me ten aircraft which I would have to answer correctly and I would ask them ten which they had to miss all ten, then allowing the seven dooleys to eat at ease. The day came, they missed all ten of mine and I had nine correct when their last was, "What is the J7W1? I can still remember their smiles assuming they had me, when I replied. "The J7W1 was the Shinden built by Kyushu, a canard Japanese fighter."

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